Vervet Shipyard
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Vervet Shipyard Site, Tromsø, Norway.

A participatory process involving four architectural firms was used to develop and explore ways of rehabilitating a large industrial site in the centre of Tromsø. A proposal exploring 100% public programme was developed by our team. Two other models developed were for 50/50 public/private partnership and 100% private investment.

Vervet: 100% Public

The core focus of the project is the proposed new “Nordområdemuseet”. The museum desires to be iconic whilst the site demands a considered approach to the existing urban fabric, the integration of outdoor public space and access to the foreshore.

From the merging of ‘park/public space’ and ‘icon’ the concept of an ‘iconic park’ is developed. Where the building(s) and outdoor spaces become blurred, accessible and iconic.

Core urban principles are based upon a reinterpretation of Tromso’s unique geographic and urban conditions. The existing central park style urban pattern and the clear division between the east and west sides of the island form the basis for abstraction and development of a formative diagram.

Project Director: Ross Langdon
With Assitance from: Kelly Doran, Ana Reis